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Courtney Love Icons [December 06, 2007]
Love Courtney Love. Icons =)


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[November 24, 2007]
Yo veo algunos journals de algunos usuarios... y digo o,ò omfg no se aburren de hacer icons?
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STH IN THE WAYYY UHHHHHH [August 22, 2007]
[ mood | odiosa ¬¬ ]

Oh!! I have wasted all my time doing icons and playing the guitar today, and this is very stupid considering that in 20 minuts I will have an english examn and I haven't studied so much.... yeah, I'm a fool...
By the way, there's the icons, hope you like, I think that they're better than the icons of yesterday xD.


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we'd join we'd fun [August 21, 2007]
Hi hi hi! xD dndfjkdfk anyway, I have made more icons, yeah.... being honesty, I don't like so much any icon of them, but anyway, xD it could be worst!

I have to say this.... : I LOVE KURT COBAIN WITH THIS BEAUTIFUL GLASSES! Ok ok , I think that I could love any man with this kind of glasses xD...  I mean... omfg >.<he's extremely cute with them!!!

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Vintage blend [August 20, 2007]
Last night I was very bored and I made this blend... I tried to create a picture with vintage-grunge-streetart style, but I'm not sure if I reaally could get this... anyway, I like the result.
The HORRIBLE drawings are made by me... xD but.... wtf!!! if you go to modern art museum you see this kind of things.... anyway.
I have to make more icons... cause if I do not do it this journal gonna die, but... It's safe to say that nobody will care if this die...
(Ok, my english sucks!)


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Blur Iconns [July 06, 2007]
I don'w know why, but today I felt an extremely love for Blur (Well, I luv the band)... of course that my love for Graham is more bigger than my love for the other members... >.< omfg!! I love him!!!.
Well... I have to credit the pics to  onyourown and to my favorite comunity, Blur Daily  . Too I used one text brushes made by evanns .
I think that I creidted all, but In case you see something of  your works , please just tell me and I will credit  you.
Woah... I haven't updated since a lot of time xD.

Teasers:       <--- no opinions 'bout this picture xDD.

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Little sad girl [May 09, 2007]
[ mood | saaad ]

Oh yeah today I'm sad =( because I know that I' ll never be loved again. Anyway, but this isn't the point. The point is that I have made icons about one of my impossible loves xD, Graham Coxon!! The Blur guitarrist! *o* omfg he is he is he is... ¡¡He is so fuckin' cute! And he's really crazy... and... weird o.ò no, yeah, he is really weird... and I love his glasses *o*.
I have made an icon of Malcolm McDoweel (Alex in A Clock work Orange), he was really beautiful when he was young o.o....


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I can get with a little help from my friends (8) [April 27, 2007]
I have made two blends. I'm a little sad but it doesn' matter, because I can get better with a little help from my friends =).
One blend of Jack Sparrow and the other of Kurt and Courtney (Beautiful couple)

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More icons [April 15, 2007]
This time I've made icons about Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love, because I think that the made a very nice couple!... they are two crazy and pyschotic persons... twins souls! xD duh, extremely nicee!!
Too I made icons about Gogol Bordello, because I love this music band... (>.< I hate Evanns! He saw a music video of Gogol Bordello by TV and I NOT!), and some icons of Pop Levi... a new artist that I colud know by a post from a forum! =)unfortunately he isn't very popular =/ , so get Pop Levis's pics is complicated (Idem Gogol!).


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[April 13, 2007]
Oh... I had absolutely forgotten that I had made this icons and this blend!  Well, so my journal is dead, I thought that was time to post new things xD (Remember: tell me the mistakes in my english)

Pirates of Caribean: 3
The Beatles: 4

And one blend of Jack Sparrow <3


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Kurt Cobain [March 30, 2007]
[ mood | HAMBRIENTA ]

If you are in my friends, you will see two post in the same day, but... I don't care that.

This time I have made some icons of Kurt Cobain... I love him <3 . I made a blend of Kurt, too... but sincerely , I think that this blend is HORRIBLE x'DD. You will see.


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[March 28, 2007]
And this time I show two blends and icons. One of the blends an the icons are 'bout Becky Lou. I like the Blend of Becky Lou *ooo* xD, ohhh she is so fucking beautiful ;o; I wanna be like her!.

I jus have made three icons xD... I don't make icons since a lot of time!

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Two more blends [March 19, 2007]
[ mood | accomplished ]

This time I show tow blends that I have made recently. The firts is of Gwen Stefani... I'm not a fan of her, but I like her style and the quality of the photos. The other blend is of Björk... ¡¡I LOVE HER MUSIC!! *OO* is... is... perfect... anyway, the blend of Björk I don't like really, maybe because the picture that I wore is not very good... maybe I should used a picture more crazy and less netural. The other problem of this blend, I think, is that I saturated it of things and colors =S... xD
The 99% of the brushes that I wore  and the letter I got from Juvenile Casualty , this page is EXCELENT *o* I love the things that you can get form there.


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A new blend [March 16, 2007]
[ mood | cold ]

I have decided start to write in english in my journal, because I have to practice this u,ú. I love spanish... but if I don't wear english for something, I never will can to incorporate the idiom. This is terrible.
Well, this time I have made one blend of Damon Albarn. I was waiting for upload the picture because I thought that I would made more blends xD, but... I discover one morte time that I am a completely vague x.xU (But If I say that I am without inspiration... this sounds better).
The blend isn't SO good, but... I like o,oU.


If you discover errors in my writing, please, let me know...

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Blends [March 05, 2007]
[ mood | Pensativa ]

Bueno, hace tanto tiempo que no posteo, que creo que hasta estoy al borde de olvidarme como manejar esto,y dehecho hay muchos botoncitos por acá que no sé para qué son...
En fin...  la verdad esque no voy a postear icons porque cada día le encuentro menos diversión en hacerlos, pero si me copé mucho haciendo blends... y la verdad es que para tenerlos archivados en una recóndita carpeta de mi PC, prefiero subirlos... no serán una maravilla, pero tampoco voy a andar fingiendo una falsa humildad diciendo que no me contentan xD.

Blends: Meg White, Rupert Grint , Juana Molina (3 blends)
Mini previews... bueno, en reaidad son indecifrables ó.O pero al menos hacen más colorida a la página:

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Icons return xD [November 03, 2006]
[ mood | hamrbienta *w* ]

Seh... volví a hacer icons, de vez en cuando... para matar un poco el ocio =P. Hacía siglos que no hacía icons, así que seguramente perdí un poco de estilo x'D.
Por un lado tengo un par de Marilyn, de Evertihing's Illuminated y de PoC II. Iva a subir unos de Twiggy Lawson que hice una vez, pero los miré dos veces y me dije "Nah, son espantosos". Ah y también dos así de Misquelanea xD


Everything is Illuminated --->  4
Pirates of Caribbean II  -----> 5
Marilyn Monroe ----------------> 4
Varios ----------------------------> 2

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Cambio de lay! [November 02, 2006]
[ mood | Dormida T-Tzzz ]

Cambio de diseño! Bueno... en realidad es el mismo, solo que cambié los colores y la imagen... no quería acomplejarme demasiado xD, odio, realmente odio, los códigos poco deducibles de Live journal -.-x (Bue, capáz sí lo sean, pero yo soy una torpe).
En fin... o.o simplemente postear para estrenar el diseño de Marilyn... como que el de Wonka ya estaba medio viejito... no se puede abusar tanto de un mismo diseño xD, un par de semanas más y ya cumplía casi un año pobrecito! hahaha.
En fin... estoy trabajando nuevamente en icons, un par de Piratas del Caribe II, Una Vida Iluminada... y quizás haga unos de Marilyn por inspiración... pero... no hoy xD estoy terriblemente dormida, tuve un día viajando de acá para allá...

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Foto o.oU [September 16, 2006]
[ mood | HAPPY *0* GROAR ]

Bueno... como realmente le tengo algo de afecto a mi space msn, publicaré algo para que no caiga en la decadencia, o al menos más de la que ya tiene xD.
Hoy publico algunas fotos mías editadas con photoshop, porque lamentablemente , de lo reciente, es lo único que tengo o.oUU.Hace mucho tiempo que no me dedico al arte de los icons u.u, es como que hice TANTOS icons, que ya me cansó hacerlos.

*0* Sylha is an angel

@.@ duplicada

xD eso es todo. Simple, pero al menos evito que muera mi amado journal, actualmente en decadencia.

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Pop Art =P [July 12, 2006]
[ mood | Wonkizada o.oU again... ]

@.@ te amo CACTF!!!! La película que jamás amé tanto...
Intento de Pop Art o.oU

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[June 30, 2006]
[ mood | T.T me vino ]

Porque ella es una de las más hermosas. Por que sonrrisa fue única. Porque esa escena memorable. Con ustedes, Marylin... Monroe xD

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